Interior cabin design

The cockpit is a unique space elevator in the building and when it is in the cabin, it is often the most sensitive time for any person. Istro Engineering Co., in order to satisfy passengers, tailored to the design of the building, tailor made to suit the needs of the people, and tailor-made to the requirements of the beauty.
The cabin design is not the only choice of cabs, doors, screens and buttons inside and outside the cabin, but a new proposition for moving. Easton transforms the cabin space into a unique experience. We can create custom cabins with special offers from different cabins and materials.

With the advances made in the glass industry, it is also possible to use it in the elevator. Panoramic views (glass) are usually installed in the building’s facade or in the interior spaces of the buildings or commercial centers. Forged interior decoration is made up of stylized steel, glass or in combination.

Istro Asanbar Company is using sketchy designs in the cabin section and interior decoration design with over 100 designs and ideas for service delivery.