The consulting department of Istro Asanbar Engineering company, with the focus of performing and providing technical and consulting services, including basic calculations, technical specifications and tender documents, has a history of more than fifteen years.
By joining its technical experts as an observer or consultant in specific projects, Istro Corporation will accompany its customers at all stages before and during the installation of elevators and escalators.
The consulting services of this company are as follows:

Traffic analysis

  • Determine the amount of capacity, lift speed, dimensions and sizes required according to the standard regulations
  • Forecasts of construction and technical cases according to the type of use

Technical specifications and bidding documents

  • Provision of technical specifications commensurate with the project’s use and based on the technology of the day
  • Preparation of the technical section of the contract note (tender documents)
  • Review and submit reports from the bidding companies and their compliance with the Pactbook
  • Review the selected features of each company’s elevators and report

Buy and Performance

  • Visit the factory in the manufacturing process
  • Consultation and examination of the method of purchase and transportation to the project location
  • Delivery of parts based on Packing List
  • Examining construction and requirements according to standard


Superior supervision on installation and execution in different stages:

  • Preparing the well
  • Rail packing
  • Door and rail
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • Setting up
  • Delivery