Tensile and hydraulic elevators

leftThe lifts are a permanent means of transporting cabins, rails and other main parts that load or personnel or their collection vertically into a lift well that is embedded in the building for this purpose and is divided into two main categories:

  • Tensile lift:

Cylinders and piston elevators are the driver of the cabin, which are divided into direct-central, direct-side and indirect-lateral hydraulic connections, due to the connection of the cabin and the piston.

An elevator which is driven by the friction between the wire tow and the torsional groove during rotation by the propulsion engine are tensile elevators in which the electromotor is connected to the tensioning arc by the gearbox. The engine elevator and the type in which the gearbox is They do not have a gearbox or a gearbox.

  • Hydraulic lift:

The distinction between tensile systems, the quality of the factory is the production of its equipment. The company has a significant experience in installing and maintaining equipment for tensile and hydraulic systems in special conditions and spaces.

Based on different uses, hydraulic and telescopic elevators can be classified as follows:

  • Home Lift
  • Lift the people (passenger)
  • Glass elevators( Panoramic)
  • Hospital elevators
  • Car lifts on
  • Freight elevators
  • Food lifts

Inclined Lifts are also used in special circumstances.