Escalator and movable pavement

An escalator is a displacement conveyor that is made up of joined stairs that are horizontal and are used to lift people up and down.
Which are in closed environments respectively outdoor-semi outdoor-indoor

Escalators are divided into three categories in terms of their application:
(Indoor), semi-closed (pedestrian bridges) and open air (outside the building). Escalators are usually designed at two angles of 30 and 35 degrees, although they are produced in flat areas of zero and at slope levels of 10, 11 and 12 degrees, which are called AutoWalk or mobile aisles.
Escalators, in comparison with elevators, occupy less space due to the large volume of passenger movement, and their use in commercial centers and stores has many competitive advantages and added value.
There is not much time to ride and land on, and there’s no waiting time, and there’s no time to accelerate, get up and down with the floors, and open and close doors. Of course, along with the escalators, lifts are always expected in the design of the building for use by people with disabilities or those who can not escalate.

One of the important points about the escalator is its installation. The electric steps should be designed to be placed on the main dams of the structure and placed only on a weight and without welding or screws on the living room.
For stairs up to 6 meters, the middle ground is designed. Also, the escalator is divided into floor space to the floor, the environmental conditions of the project are divided into 2-3 parts, sent to the project site and installed and assembled by specialist personnel.

Escalator, like any other mechanical device, requires maintenance and maintenance by experienced and experienced technicians in the support department of this company.