In 2002, Istro Asanbar Engineering Company was established with the aim of providing “best quality” services, ensuring customers’ expectations in the shortest possible time in order to value the customer’s demand. In this regard, he has benefited from the proper understanding of the market and the provision of different services to achieve his goals. Among those factors are:

  • Use of day technology and advanced equipment
  • Continuous communication with the client and the advancement of the executive, according to his or her opinion
  • Training and upgrading the level of technical knowledge of executive agents
  • Utilizing new designs and different requirements in the elevator cabin

The rich and valuable experiences of this company have resulted from more than 40 years of executive and technical management in companies

, Teaching in related fields of engineering and university, participating in international courses, as well as selling and installing passenger, car, hydraulic, home and escalators, confirming the distinction of this complex in elevator and escalator classes.

Istero Engineering Co., a member of the Syndicate of Elevator and Escalator, a member of the Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Electromechanical Union for the use of day technology and advanced equipment, the sale of the Spanish company ORONA GROUP escalator and elevator company, which supplies all of its main components from Spain. It turns out.

Istro Asanbar Engineering Company is active in the following fields:

1_ Consultation (Phase 1 _ Traffic Analysis_ Calculations …)

2_ Design (according to construction constraints and conditions)

3_ Sale (escalator elevator _ movable walk)

4_ Installation

5_ Service and maintenance

6_ Supply and import of OTIS and MITSUBISHI lift parts and custom fittings

7_ Reconstruction and optimization of old elevators that are in line with the technology of the day

8_ Decoration and interior decoration