Istro Asanbar engineering company is proud to be the executor of the largest and most sensitive private and public projects in the design and implementation of specific projects.
Experimental and executive backgrounds with companies, complexes, organizations and organizations:

Government Projects

  • Presidential buildings
  • Shahis Nazaran garrison
  • Tond goyan Petrochemical building
  • Water and sewage company
  • Imam Khomeini International Airport – Administrative building


  • Central Bank Building (Bank Printing and Production Building)
  • Refah Bank Buildings
  • Middle East Bank Buildings
  • Kar afarni Bank Buildings
  • Dey Bank project

Organizations and ministries

  • Interior Ministry building
  • Building of the Ministry of Guidance
  • Ministry of Energy Building
  • Building the Ministry of Commerce
  • Organization of Planning and Budget Organization
  • Taekwondo Federation

Public and private companies

  • Oil Company Building
  • Tanker Company Building
  • Construction company of Lotus groups
  • Roof Building Group
  • geno Consulting Company
  • Bavand Consultant Engineering Company
  • Tash Consulting Engineer Company
  • Hoyayar company
  • Abhar wire and cable company
  • Kish Development Development Company
  • Pegah Company
  • Water power Company
  • Ahab Company

Overseas projects

  • Karbala Shrine (Iraq)
  • Kazimin (Iraq)
  • Doshanbe (Tajikistan)
  • Kuwait